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Gaston and Porter Health Improvement Center, Inc.

Board of Directors



GPHIC  Co-Founder Dr. Marilyn Gaston


GPHIC Co-Founder Dr. Gayle Porter, Psy D., Bylaws


Sharon E. Barrett, DrPH, Ms, Chairperson

Dr. Thurman Goldman, Vice Chair


Dr. Regan Crump, MSN,D.Ph. Chair Strategic Planning


Dr. Karen Francis, Vice Chair Strategic Planning


Zillah Wesley, Chair Profile Assessment (Marketing)  


Joyce Z. Pascal-Kilgore, Chair Finance


Denise Woods, MS, National Project Director


Beatrix Fields, Secretary


Dr. Stephanie McGencey CFO




Dr. Ludmilla Wikkeling-Scott, Member,

Dr. Jeremiah White

Dr. Rochelle Rollins, PhD, MPH


Dr. Jovonni R. Spinner, MPH, CHES

Kelly Garry Burks

Staff Support


Monique Boddie-Neal

Gwen Hunnicutt

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