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The Co-Directors of the Gaston and Porter Health Improvement Center, Drs. Marilyn Gaston and Gayle Porter,  have both spent their careers trying to improve the emotional and physical health of children, adults and families ,especially those who are poor, minority and underserved.


They have provided: direct clinical services; organized and developed systems of care; provided educational programs; directed health care programs; conducted research; and trained students and health care providers. Both are recognized nationally and internationally for their efforts and are frequently sought after speakers on effective and evidenced based health care and disparities.



Drs. Gaston and Porter’s "first of a kind" book:Prime Time: The African American Woman's Complete Guide to Midlife Health and Wellness published by Random House, One World/Ballantine has been widely acclaimed and has enhanced their ability to address women's health, particularly African American women's health, in the area of lifestyle change and self-improvement in a holistic way. Their Prime Time Sister Circles® intervention-designed to help women in midlife develop more effective stress management techniques, improve their nutrition and reduce their sedentary behaviors- received the Johnson and Johnson Leadership in Women’s Health Award and Civic Ventures’ Purpose Prize.

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We motivate women to improve their health outcomes and reduce obesity and chronic illnesses by increasing knowledge, improving attitudes, and changing behaviors in the targeted risk factor areas of:  unmanaged stress; poor nutrition; sedentary behavior; and failure to prioritize their health.

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