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The Gaston & Porter Health Improvement Center, Inc. 


Ms. Andria Martin, a registered nurse, is the National Coordinator of the PTSC. She recently retired as the Director of the Central Florida Partnership on Health Disparities of the Florida Hospital. Prior to relocating to Florida, Ms. Martin was Hospital Director/VP of Operations for the University of Connecticut Health System where she oversaw a staff of 1,400 and managed a budget of almost $200 million.


Ms. Denise Woods is the Director of the Northeast Region for the PTSC and the National Training Institute. Prior to her retirement, Ms. Woods was founder and CEO of the Mica Consulting Group. Her company provided marketing and communications planning to major clients (e.g., PEPCO; Washington Gas; Colgate-Palmolive; DC Chamber of Commerce; Howard University). Ms. Woods has an MA in Communication Science and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Administration, Planning and Policy from Harvard University.

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