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"This Program Has Saved My Life"

An incredible story from one of our participants. Will you share yours?


A Testimonial:
Agnes' Story

Agnes, sixty, has experienced bouts of depression throughout her adult life.

When she recently broke-up with her partner, she regained the 30 pounds she had lost and her high blood pressure got out of control.

One day she started having pain in her upper back and neck, some shortness of breath and growing fatigue. She attributed these symptoms to her weight gain. However, she was in such distress that a friend insisted they go to the emergency room. There she was diagnosed as having a heart attack.


After she was treated and released, her friend insisted that she join the Prime Time Sister Circles® (PTSC) program. She did and there she learned how to manage her stress, control her weight, improve her nutrition and increase her physical activity.

After 12 weeks of the PTSC, she had lost 10 pounds, learned how to read the food label and how to manage her stress. She also had more energy and her blood pressure had decreased to the normal range.

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