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The African American Woman's Complete Guide to Midlife Health and Wellness.  

[published by Random House/One World/Ballantine]

Prime Time 




Dr. Gaston and Dr. Porter are on a mission to help African American women change the fact that We are dying at rates greater than any other group of women in the Nation - greater than Caucasian, Hispanic, American Indian/Alaskan Native, and Asian American women from cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. Especially when 50% of these deaths are preventable!!! In addition, we are suffering from higher rates of emotional distress - stress, depression, anxiety and panic attacks - than Caucasian women.

We have written Prime Time to help African American women focus on their health and provide assistance to them in making immediate and ongoing major lifestyle changes. It is full of self-assessment tools and the stories of over 200 African American women in midlife we interviewed prior to writing the book. It is designed to function as a roadmap to chart the landscape that women will travel toward improved health. The book will assist you along the journey through information, your own health self-assessment tools and strategies for change.

Prime Time is for you and about you. It is yours. It is designed so you make it your own as you use it as a workbook - writing, thinking and working in it. You document your family's medical history, create your won personal wellness calendar, and record pertinent personal health information and medical test results that you need to share with your doctors and other health care providers. These records most importantly, help you plan and observe your progress.

Look at what they say about PRIME TIME!


"Prime Time is a great help to all of us; those who pay attention and those who should pay attention. The old saying 'a stitch in time saves nine' is never more accurate than in concerning our health. This is a book everyone needs because everyone has a woman in our lives that we love and want to keep with us; ourselves, our aunts, our mothers, our grandmothers. Marilyn Gaston and Gayle Porter have done a wonderful service for us all."  

-Nikki Giovanni


"Prime Time is a groundbreaking book that encourages midlife Black women to take charge of their lives.

Dr. Marilyn Hughes Gaston and Dr. Gayle K. Porter have produced one of the most comprehensive books on Black women's health ever.


No home will be complete without this virtual encyclopedia on sisters' maintaining health at any age……" 
-ESSENCE August, 2001

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